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immortal velvet

Immortal Velvet – Elk Antler!!

Ethically harvested, Elk Antler Velvet contains a powerful blend of growth factors in a naturally occurring matrix.


“God bless for providing such wonderful healing products! By taking colostrum the last 6 months daily and a few other things not only have all my digestion problems gone, but I’ve gained 15 pounds of muscle, my sex drive is through the roof, and I have energy to write poetry and go hiking and camping again. THANK YOU!”

“I’m a huge fan of Surthrival – so to finally have a trustworthy source for their amazing products in Australia is fantastic! Surthrival Colostrum has allowed my health to prosper, even at the ripe age of 45 I regularly exercise, never get sick and am enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you so much!”

“Five years ago my health was in disarray; I had constant infections and colds, suffered from chronic fatigue and muddled thinking, and life was really un-enjoyable. Within two weeks of taking Colostrum and Pine Pollen, my life began to turn around. I finally found the energy and zest that was missing before, and I now look at everything with a more positive attitude. I’m so excited for what the future holds – thankyou Nice Life for bringing these amazing products to Australia!”

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  • kale brock surthrival ice cream

    Raw Wild BlackBerry Ice Cream with Surthrival Colostrum!

    In this video Kale Brock shares a Raw Wild BlackBerry Ice Cream with Surthrival Colostrum recipe! 250g blackberries 2 T Surthrival Colostrum Powder 1 C almonds 2-3 T coconut oil optional: 1 T coconut sugar or 1 tsp stevia

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  • kale brock fermented food ecourse

    Fermented Foods E-Course Learn the Art of Probiotic Nutrition!!

    Kale Brock, TV Presenter, CHEK Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Strategist (and Owner Manager here at Nice Life!) has just released his incredibly powerful online fermented foods course! To check out the course click here!  More info below!   In the world’s first online fermented foods course you’l learn a unique, cost-effective and incredibly nutritious […]

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  • Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 2.45.05 pm

    Now Shipping to NZ and Malaysia!!

    We’re super stoked to announce we’ve started offering shipping to New Zealand and Malaysia! For the international postage flat rate fee of $22 you can get your goodies ultra quick from over here in Australia! Enjoy

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  • Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.14.49 pm

    3 Ingredient Wild Pancake Recipe!

    Check it out as Surthrival ambassador Daniel Vitalis shows us how to create a 3 ingredient wild food pancake recipe! “A childhood fantasy food which I feel extremely good about eating!” You can grab Colostrum in Australia tomorrow!! We send FREE Express Post with every order over $100! Check it out.  

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  • healthyisnormalbretthillchange

    KB Health Podcast with Dr Brett Hill!

    On this episode of the HINP we chat to Dr Brett Hill about a subject very important to all of us; CHANGE. Which changes make most of a difference in our lives? How do we create long-term change?   Listen and download the audio here !   Or watch it on YouTube here !  

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  • kalebrock

    Daniel Vitalis INTERVIEW!!

    Australian health and wellness researcher Kale Brock speaks with health expert Daniel Vitalis on subjects such as rewilding, philosophy, foods we should eat and our future as a society. Check out the audio, which you can download, here on soundcloud. Or listen to the interview via YouTube!!!   Follow Kale on Instagram! Like Kale’s Facebook […]

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